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Thai Style Beef and Broccoli

I have a very old cookbook, that I believe I purchased in 1996, called "True Thai", written by a chef named Victor Sodsook. This chef is a genuine article. I have prepared many recipes from this enormous volume of Thai Cuisine. This book has a 16 page explanation of Thai ingredients and cooking equipment a page of culinary translations, and somewhere between 350-375 pages of recipes. There is even a section in the back with mail-order sources for ingredients (which I no longer use, since the advent of the Internet). Here is the book as displays it (in case you want a copy of your own):

I have used my copy so much that it is now missing it's paper jacket, taped up in places, pages are curling and stained, and there are several dozen paper page-markers and dogged-eared pages of dishes that I cook all the time.

Last night-as I said-I was craving something Thai. I had a steak thawed out that needed to be cooked, some broccoli florets that were de…

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